Looking for a quick, convenient way to pay back your regular bills and liabilities, directly using your payees' email id ?

An unique way to pay back your liability is pay to email. In this exceptional case, payer doesn't have the complete bank details and still want to make payments using receiver's email id.

Once paidkiya user makes the payment via his credit card, a message goes to receiver stating "payment of Rs. XXX from Mr. X is received, and to claim register with paidkiya and get your payment in your bank account.

Receiver can accept unlimited amount, so far it's from fair trade practice, even in a savings/current account with help of India's most innovative fin-tech startup like www.paidkiya.com

No Zanzat Fatafat ! Now your credit cards can help anywhere, anyone and anytime.

follow the standard process of payment via credit cards, using your paidkiya.com account as a registered user.

Don't forget to check the amount and delivery details of receiver once you initiate the transaction. Once you are happy with the paidkiya.com process, just click on 'Pay Now'

What is Procedure?

Sender wants to fill Correct Email ID, Purpose of payment ,Name and Amount and just pay using your credit or debit card and yours receiver get notification by Email on given email id and after transfer payment in your receiver’s bank account as per Payment priority selected by you when was you payment done. Payment will transfer same day to T+4 Days in receiver’s bank account as per Priority.

Be careful and check twice always your receiver’s Email ID is correct.

There are two type of options in Pay to Email

New Payment

User can pay on Email ID

Existing Payees

you get existing payee list just select and process payment.

Accept your customer's debit or credit card payments.