We are a fintech start-up, who helps to utilize your credit cards in time of need and urgency for your utility payments and business payments to third parties.Simply, we are facilitators , who help the credit card owners to utilize their credit cards, when they are need to pay their home rents, office rents, utility bills etc..

PaidKiya helps credit card owners to leverage their credit limits on one hand. On the another, payment made by your credit cards will give you extra financial freedom to channelize your money more smartly.

Yes, of course you can use your debit cards without any hesitation for any third party payments like office rent, school fees, college fees, daily necessity bills, local grocery store bills, especially when you are looking for instant financial support in payments. .

At moment, we accept All major cards issued by Indian banks.

Of course, all the transactions on PaidKiya, platform are secured with SSL certification, and similarly your transaction privacy is not affected with us.

Being 3D secured payment gateway user, your money is 100% safe with us. Only authorized users can access their own data with us as we are PCI DSS and VISA verified service provider. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) applies to companies that accept credit card payments. We make sure your hosted data is secure with us.

Payment or Transaction

It simply works as virtual payment partners wherein A credit card owner first gets registered his/her primary contact details with

To initiate transactions from your credit card, you need to verify your PAN details with us as first time user. No need to mention your credit card details with us.

Registered users can initiate payments by providing receivers’ details. To know more

In short, you can pay to anyone for their respective payments with your credit card,For a Fee. Details of our charges are mentioned.

Simply we drive your payments with a maximum transaction charge of 3.0 % wherein usually Your credit card issuing banks charges 2.38 % to 2.9% of the transaction value. Balance Amount out of 3.0 % is service charges of PaidKiya.

To understand the matrix of how we charge to match your payment priorities, please refer the Our Charges, on our website.

Primarily we work on 3 priorities. Please refer Our Charges on PaidKiya and learn about the priorities for the same.

In simple terms, PaidKiya works on 3 different modules which are based on urgency of the need.

(a) Urgent : Quickest possible transfer within same day.

(b) High : It usually take 1 bank working day from the day of transaction.

(c) Normal : This applies to not so urgent, and pre planed payment transactions which takes Almost 2 working days from the day of transaction.

* working hours refers to banking hours wherein banks usually works 5 days a week.

Nope, unfortunately we don't allow a registered User to use more than one individual account as our system verifies the credit card user and matches the same with user's pan card as per guidelines.

But it's possible to map multiple credit card of a single individual under one login id with the help Of National Payment Gateway Partner and multiple entries can be done via separate credit cards limitless way.

Refund Process

In case transaction fails due to any technical error, refund is initiated automatically. In case, provided details are not true, payer / user will have to claim the refund via refund policy.

You can connect to us at +91 9220912091 or email us at

Cancel Process

If payer decides to cancel the transaction, cancellation is done with cancellation cost as per payment priorities. In case of normal priorities, if the transaction has been settled in payee's account, cancellation is not possible.

As a personal user you can pay…

  1. Home Rent
  2. Home Security Deposit
  3. Society maintenance charges
  4. Real Estate Agent Payment
  5. Furniture and Fixtures Payment
  6. School Fees
  7. Interior Designing
  8. Tuition Fees
  9. Coaching Institute Payment
  10. Hostel Fees
  11. Beautician's fees etc...
With PaidKiya

It's very simple, After login click on Transaction Report and you will get all details of all your transaction and transaction Status with all details.

Signup or KYC

1) Go to Sign up page Fill your Name, Email Id, Mobile Number and password.
2) You get OTP on Email Id and Mobile Number, fill both otp and Submit.
3) After verify your email ID and mobile number you can login in PaidKiya user panel
4) Update your PAN card details and after KYC verify by PaidKiya you get email. 5) After successfully verify your PAN card you can enjoy PaidKiya service.

But it's possible to map multiple credit card of a single individual under one login id with the help Of National Payment Gateway Partner and multiple entries can be done via separate credit cards limitless way.

It's very easy to change password of PaidKiya account. Using login, user will access his account and set password for his account via clicking 'change password' in his account window.

In case if user forget his/her account password, he can use "Login" page and click on forget password. Via pop up screen user need to submit email id and mobile number which was used during registration of an account with PaidKiya. Once the details have been submitted, user will get a new password in registered email or over phone no.

Go to 'Login' page and Click on 'Resend' Email Verification, you get a popup and write your registered Email Id or Mobile number with PaidKiya. Post submission of details, you will get new OTP on your registered email id or phone no.

Simply because we don't have set any limit for daily transactions or amounts. PaidKiya is the only platform in India to transfer unlimited amount via your credit card to your payees.

Merchants and Retailers who are willing to take benefit of “request payment? for their services and Wish to collect payment from customers online, without any extra hardware or swapping machine etc. Can create a normal User id on PaidKiya.

But it's possible to map multiple credit card of a single individual under one login id with the help Of National Payment Gateway Partner and multiple entries can be done via separate credit cards limitless way.

As PaidKiya is bound to follow rules laid by law and regulations, all transactions done on our platform should be by verified user / payer. Thus, KYC is necessary for every Credit Card or Debit Card users who wish to go digital way in their day to day payments and transactions.

Extremely sorry, We don't allow to transfer funds to owner's account, using his own Credit Card. As PaidKiya is payment services for third parties, we are unable to encash your amount in your account.

We don't have words to prove our worth. Just try and use PaidKiya to know how we are better than others.

Accept your customer's debit or credit card payments.