We are a fintech start-up that enables you to use your credit cards for utility payments and business payments to third parties in times of necessity and urgency. Simply put, we are facilitators who assist credit card holders in using their credit cards to pay their house rentals, office rents, business payments, and other expenses.

On the one hand, PaidKiya assists credit card holders in leveraging their credit limitations. On the other hand, paying using your credit cards gives you greater financial flexibility, allowing you to invest your money more wisely.

Yes, you may use your debit cards without reluctance for third-party payments such as office rent, school fees, college fees, daily need bills, and local grocery shop bills, especially if you need immediate financial assistance.

At the moment, we are accepting all major cards issued by Indian banks.

Of course, all transactions on the PaidKiya platform are encrypted using SSL technology, and your transaction privacy is unaffected./p>

Your money is completely safe with us as a 3D secure payment gateway user. We are PCI DSS and VISA recognised service providers, therefore only authorised users may access their data. Companies that accept credit card payments must comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). We ensure the safety of your data while it is hosted with us.

Payment or Transaction

It simply functions as a virtual payment partner in which the owner of a credit card registers his or her primary contact information with

As a first-time user, you must verify your PAN data with us before initiating transactions with your credit card. There's no need to share your credit card information with us.

Users who have registered can make payments by giving the information for the recipients.

In a nutshell, you may pay anyone using your credit card for their payments or a fee payment. Our fees are described in detail.

Simply put, we charge a maximum transaction fee of 2.85%, whereas your credit card issuing bank typically charges 2.38 percent to 2.9 percent of the transaction amount. PaidKiya's service costs account for the balance of 2.85%.

Please see Our Charges on our website to learn the matrix of how we charge to meet your payment priorities.

We focus on three main objectives. Please go to PaidKiya's Our Charges page to understand the priority for the same.

PaidKiya operates on three separate modules, each of which is dependent on the urgency of the demand.

(a) Urgent : Transfer as soon as feasible within the same day.

(b) High : From the day of the transaction, it generally takes one bank working day.

(c) Normal : This applies to non-urgent and pre-planned payment transactions that take about 2 working days from the date of the transaction.

(d) Low : This applies to pre-planned payment transactions take 4 working days from date of transactions.

*Working hours relate to banking hours, which are typically 5 days per week.

After logging in, select Transaction Report to see a list of all your transactions as well as the status of each one.

Unfortunately, because our system validates the credit card user, we do not enable a registered user to utilize more than one individual account.

However, with the aid of the National Payment Gateway Partner, it is possible to map several credit cards of a single individual under one login id, and additional entries can be made in an unlimited number of ways using credit cards.

The Refunding Procedure

A refund is automatically triggered if a transaction fails due to a technical fault. If the given information is incorrect, the payer/user must request a refund using the refund procedure.refund procedure.

You may reach us by calling +91 9220912091 or sending an email to

Cancel Process

If the payer chooses to cancel the transaction, the cost of cancellation is calculated according to payment priority. Cancellation is not allowed in the case of regular priority if the transaction has been settled in the payee's account.

You can pay us a personal user

  1. Maintenance Fees for a Home Security Deposit Society
  2. Payment to real estate agents
  3. Fixtures and furniture Payment
  4. Fees for School
  5. Designing a Room
  6. Fees for tuition
  7. Payments to Coaching Institutes and Hostel Fees
  8. Fee for beauticians, etc.
PaidKiya is a service that allows you to pay for what you want.

It's very simple, After login click on Transaction Report and you will get all details of all your transaction and transaction Status with all details.

Signup or KYC

1) Go to the Sign up and fill out the form. Fill up your first and last name, email address, phone number, and password.
2) You will receive an OTP on your email address and mobile number; fill out both OTPs and submit.
3) Login to the PaidKiya user panel after verifying your email address and cellphone number.
4) Update your PAN card and Adhar card information, and you will receive an email from PaidKiya following KYC verification. 5) You may use PaidKiya after successfully verifying your PAN card and Adhar card.

However, with the aid of the National Payment Gateway Partner, it is possible to map several credit cards of a single individual under one login id, and additional entries can be made in an unlimited number of ways using distinct credit cards.

The process of changing the account password for Paidkiya is simple. The user may access his account and change his password by selecting 'change password' in his account box after logging in.

If a user forgets the account password, the user can go to the "Login" page and select "Forget Password." Users must provide their email id and registered mobile number with the PaidKiya account. Once the information is submitted, the user will get a new password by email or phone number.

Go to 'Login' page and click on 'Resend' Email Verification; a window will appear, prompting you to enter your PaidKiya-registered email address or mobile number. Following the submission of your information, you will get a new OTP to your registered email address or phone number.

We don't have to establish any daily transaction or amount limits since we don't have to. PaidKiya is the first platform in India that allows you to send an unlimited amount of money to your payees using your credit card.

Merchants/retailers can use PaidKiya's "request payment"? feature for their services and collect money from consumers online, without any additional machine switching, by creating a regular User id.

However, with the aid of the National Payment Gateway Partner, it is possible to map several credit cards of a single individual under one login id, and additional entries can be made in an unlimited number of ways using credit cards.

As PaidKiya is bound to follow rules laid by law and regulations, all transactions done on our platform should be by verified user / payer. Thus, KYC is necessary for every Credit Card or Debit Card users who wish to go digital way in their day to day payments and transactions.

Transferring funds to the owners' account via Credit Card is not applicable for Paidkiya users as PaidKiya is a payment service for third parties.

We don't have the language to justify our existence. Simply use PaidKiya to see how we differ from the competition.

Accept your customer's debit or credit card payments.