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Payment Process

Credit card to payment anyone's bank account

Register yourself as Paidkiya registered user and login. fill in data in terms of name of receiver, mobile number, purpose of payment and amount to be transferred from your credit card.

You will have to fix the priority of the payment in terms of Urgent, High or Normal priority.

As an Option, registered user get 3 primary options for making the digital payment to the payee.

(1) Pay to Mobile - A quick payment way to pay the amount in Payee's mobile account
(2) Pay to Bank - straight away payment is made to receiver's bank account
(3) Pay to Email - Unique online payment way to send payment , asking bank details to receiver, using email

Confirm your receiver's details and click on 'Pay Now'

Receiver gets notification by SMS on his Mobile number, when you add him as beneficiary. the moment amount is transferred, your receiver’s bank confirms receipt of payment via their sms services.

Payment will transfer same day Or within 4 Days in receiver’s bank account as per Priority set by sender.

Be careful ,please check details of receiver twice, before you transfer the amount.